Optimus Primers

Optimus Primers LLC is a locally owned and operated painting company serving Long Island, NY.

A bit of background on the owner, I grew up in a painting household. My father owned and operated his own residential / commercial painting businesses, Thassos Painting and Thassos Coatings, located in Florida.

From a young age I was on the front line helping the business. I started off cleaning paint buckets and prepping / painting structures, this eventually grew into estimating jobs and various administrative work.

Having spent most of my high school career working for my father, I would later attend University of South Florida majoring in Computer Networking and Business. Upon graduation, I pursued a career in technology believing it was the right choice for me. As I worked in the tech industry, I also kept an active involvement with the family business. To this day I have been helping the business with marketing, PR, estimating and design reviews.

In the past few years, I have noticed the level of quality of painters have dropped dramatically due to inexperienced workers coming into the market. My mission was to find a solution!

My years of industry exposure has been focused on technology, but, I have strong experience in the painting field. I want to take advantage of both my understandings of technology and the painting world in order to create a new wave of thinking and doing in regards to how painting service is done. All while ensuring that the customer is left 100% satisfied.

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