Choosing the right color!

Post by : optimusprimersPost on : August 27, 2019

WOW Owning and operating Optimus has been some ride so far. You could imagine what type of customer request I get almost daily. From what type of work can we preform with interior and exterior painting to how fast we can work. I always find correct way to help answer the customers request by being descriptive as possible. One of the biggest requests I was run across is color selection and finish. Any old school painter would bust out an archaic color wheel he got from his preferred paint store and flip through 1000 color selections but at OP we do something totally different. We try to leverage the technology in our hand to help streamline the color variations. We also have a no cost design team to help lead you in the right direction. While we could go into the best way to help get started on your color selection journey, we found a great article from WikiHow (link) that will do just that! Take a look and keep us posted

The creation of the perfect painting company!

Post by : optimusprimersPost on : August 17, 2019

Optimus Primers LLC is a locally owned and operated painting company serving Long Island, NY. A bit of background on the owner, I grew up in a painting household. My father owned and operated his own residential / commercial painting businesses, Thassos Painting and Thassos Coatings, located in Florida.From a young age I was on the front line helping the business. I started off cleaning paint buckets and prepping / painting structures, this eventually grew into estimating jobs and various administrative work.Having spent most of my high school career working for my father, I would later attend University of South Florida majoring in Computer Networking and Business. Upon graduation, I pursued a career in technology believing it was the right choice for me. As I worked in the tech industry, I also kept an active involvement with the family business. To this day I have been helping the business with marketing, PR, estimating and design reviews. In the past few years, I have noticed the level of quality of painters have dropped dramatically due to inexperienced workers coming into the market. My mission was to find a solution! My years of industry exposure has been focused on technology, but, I have strong experience in the painting field. I want to take advantage of both my understandings of technology and the painting world in order to create a new wave of thinking and doing in regards to how painting service is done. All while ensuring that the customer is left 100% satisfied. Check out some of our work.