Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting is one of the many services we offer

Here is a list of services we offer.

  • Hotels, resorts and condominiums
  • Clubhouses
  • Large shopping plazas and malls
  • Restaurants and other retail businesses
  • Banks and financial facilities
  • Doctors’ offices and medical complexes
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Government facilities
    • Schools
    • Police and fire departments
    • City and County offices


      Commercial Building

Free estimates and fixed pricing

Optimus Primers offers free budget estimates. Our up-front pricing will help you budget without surprises. During our preliminary inspection, we will point out surface defects and underlying problems that may need to be addressed before the paint goes on to ensure the kind of long-lasting result you expect. We point out cracks and areas of possible water intrusion that we can see that can cause desponding stucco, rotting wood, and rebar to separate from the concrete.

Our bids are always inclusive of all work that will need to be done and include a fixed price in which you can have confidence. Our loyal clients know from experience they can rely on our honest, transparent pricing.

Surface preparation is the #1 key to good results!

The daily one-two punch New Yorkers get year round from sun and snow take a toll on all structures, requiring more frequent maintenance than other areas of the country. Preparing surfaces properly before painting is rule number one for a successful outcome and long-lasting paint. At the inception of every project, Optimus Primers carefully prepares surfaces to be painted for optimum adhesion. We caulk and patch surfaces, repair stucco and cracks, repair interior drywall, remove rust, waterproof damp areas, and power wash all surfaces. If we will be painting the exterior below grade, we also trench around the building for a more professional look.

Minimal disruption to your business


Concrete Prep and Seal

Optimus Primers’ employees are highly skilled commercial painting artisans who work together as a team. We work seamlessly and efficiently to minimize interruption to your worksite, working nights and weekends if needed. We have professionals who are qualified in every aspect of your job, from broad stroke work to the fine detail needed in ultra-custom work, enabling us to handle all kinds of jobs … even those others may subcontract out or walk away from.